Enjoy these solutions for the most asked questions about using OmniUpdate OU Campus!

  1. How do I get a single line vs double line?
  2. How do I get padding around an image?
  3. Where did my edit button go?


How do I get a single line vs double line?

For a single line space, hold SHIFT + ENTER on the keyboard.

For a double line space, hit ENTER on the keyboard.

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How do I get padding around an image?

When inserting an image Insert Image icon in OmniUpdate, click on the Appearance tab, then enter "10" for the Vertical space field and "10" for the Horitzontal space field. This will create a 10 pixel padding around your image. The Style field should read "margin: 10px;". Click the OK button.

Insert Image dialogue box

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Where did my edit button go?

If you navigate to other webpages while in the OmniUpdate editor you may get lost or lose your editing button, the green Main Content button - Edit-Main-Content

OmniUpdate allows you to preview other webpages but will not follow you. Instead, OmniUpdate sticks with the page that you first logged into. You can see which page you first logged into viewing the breadcrumb path. For example:


If you lose your editing button, there are several ways to find your way back:

1) Go back to www.mccd.edu and navigate to your department webpage. Re-login to the page you need to edit by clicking on the date at the footer of the page.


2) While in OmniUpdate, find the page you originally logged into by referencing the filename in the breadcrumb. Toggle on the Preview button then back to the Edit Button.


3) Click on Pages to view the file/folder listing for your department's web section. Click on the filename you need to edit.




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