You have the right to decide if, and when, and to whom you report an assault or incident to.  There are no timelines to report incidents of dating violence or sexual assault including, but not limited to, date/acquaintance rape, gang rape, sexual harassment and stalking. Alleged victims who may be concerned about their privacy when they report a possible violation of the district policy may choose to report to a Responsible Employee or Confidential Resource.

The District has a responsibility to end conduct that violates this policy, prevent its recurrence, and address its discriminatory effects. For this reason, District “Responsible Employees” may not keep secret any report of sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking. Responsible employees must report all alleged violations of this policy to the Title IX Officer. Reports received by the District concerning the abuse of a minor must be reported in compliance with state law. The District expects employees to treat information they learn concerning incidents of reported violations of this policy with respect and with as much privacy as possible District employees must share such information only with the District officials who must be informed of the information pursuant to this policy.

Confidential resources at Merced Community College District include personal counselors through Health Services and any representative from the local victim’s advocacy group.

The following options below explain how an alleged victim may choose to report. You can choose all of the options, or none.

What are my reporting options?

  1. Choosing Not to Report
    You have the right to choose when, how, to whom, or even if you report the incident Many victim/survivors choose not to formally report what happened to them and we respect your decision. We do hope you do follow up with a local victim’s advocacy group for confidential and free services. You have the right to file a formal report at any time.

  2. Anonymous Report
    The District will accept anonymous reports; however, will be limited in its ability to investigate and take reasonable action, as the District must have sufficient information to conduct a meaningful and fair investigation.

  3. Confidential Report

    You can make a confidential report of an incident to the local victim’s advocacy group or the campus personal counselor.

    1. Valley Crisis Center
      1960 P St Merced, Ca 95340
      24 HR Crisis Line (209) 722-4357

    2.  Valley Crisis Center Advocate
      Los Banos Campus
      (209) 756-6332

    3. Jill Henningsgaard-Vierra, MS
      Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
      Merced College Student Health Services
      Appt: (209) 384- 6045

Complaint Form

Download the Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence Complaint Form (pdf) to assist with your report.