Sexual and dating violence is the fault of the abuser. Since most assaults involve someone the person knows, there are many times when a bystander is present to witness the assault or events leading up to it. Bystander intervention methods and safety tips for risk reduction are provided below to increase awareness and involvement.

Bystander Intervention

Students and members of the community can learn methods of stepping in to prevent crimes such as sexual and dating violence from occurring. One way to actively get involved to reduce violence is through Bystander Engagement and Intervention Techniques. An engaged bystander is someone who intervenes before, during or after a situation they see or hear. They speak out against behaviors that promote sexual/dating violence.  The engaged bystander helps create healthy communities, help others build safe and respectful environments by discouraging victim blaming, changing social norms that accept sexual/dating violence and shift responsibility to all community members.

One way to be an engaged bystander and intervene is to use the Three “D’s”
  • Direct- Approach the situation and address it
  • Distract- Create a distraction and diffuse the situation
  • Delegate- Seek assistance from others (friends, authority figures)

Safety is Key when deciding how to respond. Every person must decide the safest and most meaningful way to be and engaged bystander.

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About Insppire

Inspire logoInsppire is a collaboration between Merced College and Valley Crisis Center to bring violence prevention to the Merced College campus, both in Merced and Los Banos. We use primary prevention techniques in order to engage potential bystanders and educate our campus community to reduce the occurrence of abuse. INSPPIRE, which stands for Inviting Students to Promote Prevention, Intervention and Rape Education works with student peer educators and also employs two student prevention aids to help spread the word that sexual/dating violence and stalking will no longer be tolerated in our communities. The goal of prevention is to impact individual knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that are related to the root causes of violence.

Insppire services include:

  • Presentations about domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking
  • Trainings for faculty and staff
  • Resources

For information on our program contact:

Araceli Hernandez
Prevention Specialist and INSPPIRE Program Leader
Office: Lesher 323 A within the Office of Relations with Schools
Merced Main Campus (see campus map)
Phone: (Cell) 209-756-6330 or (Office) 209-381-6553
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Los Banos Campus Advocate
Call 209-756-6332

For immediate services
Contact Valley Crisis Center 24 Hour Hotline,  209-722-HELP (4357)
or their business line 209-725-7900