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All Merced College facilities are closed until further notice. Student services are available remotely.

Print Machine
Self-service Print Card Station

 About Using the Print Card

  • The first time you purchase a print card, you will need to use a $1.00 bill and there will be an initial one time 50-cent fee for the print card. Then, keep your card so you can re-load it.
  • The maximum amount you can load on a print card is $50.00.
  • The cost for black/white printing will be 10 cents and color printing will cost 40 cents per page.
  • Pre-loaded print cards are available at the Bookstore and from the vending machine in the Student Union Building outside Study Central.

Where to Buy a Print Card

Print card dispensers are available at the following locations on Merced Main Campus (see campus map):

  • Student Union Building, outside of Study Central
  • Interdisciplinary Literacy Center (ILC), Communication Building, Room 2
  • Library (Learning Resource Center - LRC)
  • Bookstore

Where Can I Print?

Use your print card at these locations:

  • Study Central-Student Union Building, Room 140, Black/White & Color
  • Interdisciplinary Literacy Center (ILC) Communication Building, Room 2, black/white & Color
  • Learning Resource Center (LRC) -black/white & Color
  • Tutorial Center-Communication Building, Room1, black/white
  • Math Lab-Science Building, Room 201, black/white 

Print Using Your Own Device over Wi-Fi

You can print from home, or the coffee shop, using your phone, tablet or laptop! Here's how:

  1. Register your email at the OCS Web Print and Email Print setup site:  http://siteup.ocsinc.ca/site/register. Select "Merced College" as the site.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on where to email or upload your print job.
  3. Once your email is registered, you can upload future print jobs to https://siteup.ocsinc.ca/MCCD.

Tips for printing from your own device:

  • Make note of your new ID code. Your code will show up after you print.
  • When printing over Wi-Fi, it may take up to 5 minutes for your job to show up at Merced College print stations.  You can submit a print job up up to 48 hours prior.
  • If you need help or have questions please email Thom at campuscopiers@gmail.com.
  • Download the flyer on how to print using your own device over Wi-Fi (pdf).