Immediate Emergency Response

Calling from Dial
Outside Phone Line (209) 386-6600
District Phone 6600
Merced City Police Department - (209) 385-6905

Immediate Emergency Response

Immediate emergency response may be obtained by dialing 911 or by calling Campus Police at (209) 386-6600  or extension 6600 for the Merced Campus.  For the Los Banos campus, please call (209) 381-6425 or extension 6425.

Campus Safety

  • Procedures for Reporting Sexual Assault
  • In accordance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, Merced Community College provides crime statistics to prospective and current students, and employees of this campus. The Merced community college Police Department submits monthly crime statistic reports to the state of California Department of Justice and to the Community College System Chancellor’s Office. See safety reports on our Campus Safety page.
Special Crime Alerts:

When circumstance warrant, crime alert flyers are distributed throughout the campus and posted on the department web site in a timely manner.

Communications Log:

The Campus Police Department records and maintains a monthly log of all department activity. The log is available upon request.

Crime Log and Media:

Summaries of campus crime incidents are published in the Devils Advocate student newspaper. The Campus Police Department also works in partnership with the Devil’s Advocate to publish information related to crime and campus safety issues.