Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide responsive, professional and caring law enforcement services to all the people of the Merced Community College District.  We will respond to calls for service promptly, protect lives and property to the very best of our abilities, initiate and maintain crime prevention programs, and apprehend criminal offenders.

As Merced Community College District Police Department employees, we will always conform to the high standards expected by the public, by being fair, compassionate, unbiased and in conformance with the “Law Enforcement Code of Ethics."

Patrol UnitAbout the Department

The Merced Community College District Police Department operates as a separate jurisdiction working in conjunction with the Merced Police Department.  Established pursuant to Education Code 72330, Merced College Police Department receives legal authority under California Penal Code Section 830.32.

Both Merced and Los Banos Campus Police Department are under the direction of the Director of Law Enforcement, Sgt. Jeff Horn, with the Merced Police Department.

The Merced Community College Police Department consists of 4 Full Time Sworn Peace Officers, 3 Full Time non-sworn Parking Enforcement/Security Officers, 1 Part Time non-sworn Parking Enforcement/Security Officer, 4 extra help security officers, and a front office administrative assistant.  All of these individuals play an important role in protecting and serving the campus community.

The Merced Campus Police Department is located in the Public Safety Complex, Building 4,  and can be reached at (209) 386-6600.