Please contact the Accessibility Specialist for Alt Media requests or to setup an appointment:

Kito Moua
Access Specialist, Alternate Media
Lesher Building, Room L-110
Phone: (209) 381-6406

Types of Alternate Media Available:

  • Audio (mp3, Kurzweil 3000,  ...)
  • E-Text (pdf, docx, rtf, txt)
  • Braille
  • Large print

To Request your class material in alternate formats:

  1. Meet with your DSPS counselor and register for classes.
  2. Request your alternate media as soon as you register for classes. Requests submitted after the semester begins may take longer to fill. 
  3. Alternate Media will keep in contact with you regarding the status of your alternate media request.
  4. If the publisher is unable to provide an electronic file of your textbook, the book binding may have to be removed for scanning. The book will be rebound and returned to you.
  5. To receive the alternate media, you have to purchase or rent a copy of the textbook. Bring your receipt to Alternate Media in Lesher building room # L-110. 
  6. Please update the Access Specialist if you have dropped certain classes.  Please inform Alternate Media of any course textbook change or inaccuracies.  Thank you.