The Philosophy of our Program

It is the belief of the Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) that all individuals have unexplored potential. It is the goal of education to provide the individual the opportunity to investigate that unexplored potential. It is our purpose to assist in that investigation by reducing the impact of a disability on the individual's ability to fully participate in their chosen educational process.

The DSPS at Merced College is dedicated to the principle that society will benefit when all persons within it have the opportunity for life-long learning. It serves to make a wide array of educational opportunities, ranging from skill development to academic knowledge acquisition to cultural, ethical, and social awareness skills, available to its students.

The DSPS is committed to focusing on the educational needs and goals of students and to seeking solutions and strategies to circumvent and/or compensate for the obstacle blocking these goals. The goal of the DSPS is to optimize learning based upon the potential of the individual, not to therapeutically remedy the disability. All disabled students are part of the college's mainstream programs and services. While the Disabled Students Services Program staff provides a supportive and individualized approach to the provision of services, students are encouraged to be independent and expected to be responsible.

The purpose of this website is to describe the services available to students with disabilities at Merced College.  The services available are provided to insure the student’s successful participation in the general college curriculum.  A student’s need for services must be directly related to a functional limitation of their disability.  The regulations which govern Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) require that each student have a verification of their disability on file in a confidential student folder.

Merced College Disabled Students Program and Services
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