Grant Description Submission Deadline

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation 

The mission of the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation is to impact the life-saving capabilities and the lives of local heroes and their communities. The Foundation supports public safety organizations in the
communities served by Firehouse Subs restaurants across the country. The Foundation's areas of interest include: Scholarships and Continued Education The focus is on providing financial resources to accredited organizations to assist individuals pursuing a career in the public safety sector.

August 17, 2022 and November 2, 2022


Fender Play Foundation 

The Fender Music Foundation awards instruments and equipment to eligible music instruction programs. These items are lightly used, blemished or otherwise imperfect and have been collected from manufacturers and retailers. Descriptions regarding the specific imperfections of each instrument will be available to selected programs.
To qualify as a music instruction program, participants must be learning how to make music.

October 15 through May 1, annually

National Endowment for the Humanities: Humanities collections and Reference Resources 

The purpose of this program is to support projects that bring the ideas and insights of the humanities to life for general audiences through in-person, hybrid, or virtual programming. Projects must engage humanities scholarship to analyze significant themes in disciplines such as history, literature, ethics, and art history.


January 11, 2023

Whole foods Market community Giving Program 

 Examples of the types of organizations supported include:
education, including school support organizations, after-school organizations, etc.;

community and culture, including arts organizations, museums, parks, etc.;

human interest, including elder care, children and youth, homeless assistance, etc.; and,

environmental issues, including organic food and farming, natural wildlife protection, green living, etc.

Teagle Foundation: Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts Initiative 

Program will support partnerships between public two-year and private four-year colleges to facilitate transfer
and completion of the baccalaureate in the liberal arts. This grant program aims to bring the lifelong benefits
of a liberal arts education to students who historically have been excluded from higher education—including
low-income students, first-generation students, students of color, and immigrant students—who depend on
community college as their gateway to higher education. Priority will be given to projects that involve multiple
four-year independent colleges coming together with community college partners to develop statewide,
regional, or consortia approaches to promote transfer in the liberal arts.
December 1, March 1,  August 26, 2022

ECMC Foundation 

he ECMC Foundation works to improve post-secondary outcomes for students from underserved backgrounds nationwide. The Foundation makes investments in two focus areas: The College Success category aims to increase the number of students from historically and presently underserved backgrounds who persist through and graduate from an institution of higher education with a bachelor's degree. The Career Readiness category aims to improve post-secondary career and technical education outcomes for students from underserved backgrounds. The Foundation is giving priority to requests that address the immediate challenges and opportunities arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Ongoing

Stantec Community Investment Program 

The Stantec Community Investment Program primarily provides support to nonprofit organizations in communities where the company has a significant employee presence
Priority is given to funding programs in the following areas:
• Arts
• Education
• Environment
• Health and Wellness

Fruit Tree Planting Foundation: Fruit Tree Orchard Grant 

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) is an award-winning international nonprofit charity dedicated to planting fruitful trees and plants to alleviate world hunger, combat global warming, strengthen communities, and improve the surrounding air, soil, and water. FTPF orchard donations are available for recipients who pledge to care for the trees and utilize them for a charitable purpose. If selected for an orchard donation, FTPF will provide high-quality fruit trees and shrubs, organic soil amendments, equipment, planting volunteers, and on-site orchard design work, horticultural workshops, and aftercare training—with the goal of improving the surrounding environment and providing a source of healthy nutrition for the community. Continuous 

Educators of America: Micro-Grants 

Outfitting a school or classroom with the correct technological resource can further the reach of teachers, enhance the skills of students, and create endless opportunities of education methods. Using web-connected devices, electronic whiteboards, tablets, VR systems and STEM Labs are a much better use of resources than new textbooks due to their engagement abilities and high levels of usability. Children in schools today are far better equipped with knowledge of technological and internet-equipped devices than ever before. Grant provides classroom technology. Reviewed Quarterly