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BallWhy Play Polo at Merced College?

  1. A Good Education - General education classes at a junior college are just as good as those taken at a university and will transfer to private, CSU and UC campuses. Any student who completes the necessary units with a 2.8 or better will automatically be accepted into the State University system. Junior colleges also offer Associate of Arts degrees for students who want to specialize in a particular subject area.

  2. A Chance to Play Polo - NCAA scholarships in polo are very rare. For most Freshman or Sophomores at a four year school, playing time is limited to scrimmages and “B” games. Community College offer a competitive arena for athletes to participate while they improve their skills and then move up to a four year school as a junior. 18 JC teams compete in Northern California and 36 compete in the South. The top 4 teams from the North compete against the top 4 teams from the South for the State Championship.

  3. An Affordable Start - A UC can cost about $16,000 a year and a private college can cost as much as $30,000. A junior college costs about $6500 for everything (college and living expenses). For those who are a bit short on money or don’t want to take out four years of student loans (between $50,000 and $100,00)... a community college is a great alternative. After completing two years of general education classes at a junior college, two years of student loans are much easier to work with and pay back.

  4. A Chance to Adjust to College Life - Many students have a had time adjusting to college life. A big school can often times be overwhelming. Frat life and partying can often ruin a students first few years in school. Some don’t like being so far away from home and old friends. Many students go away to school only to find that after two years they have spent a great deal on money but have very little to show for it and have to make up classes. What ever the reason, junior college can offer an easier transition to college life.
  5. Your Education Comes First - The most important thing for athletes at Merced College is to stay on top of their studies. Merced does not have “red shirt” or other programs to keep athletes around just to play polo. Hopefully students will be successful for two years then move on to a four year school to earn a Bachelor’s Degree and possibly continue playing polo.

  6. Small Schools... Lots of Attention - Merced College is a smaller school which provides a lot of personalized attention for each athlete. Professor to student ratios are low and the school has labs and tutorial programs set up to help all students. The polo team averages about 14 players which means more attention from the coaching staff and probably more playing time.

  7. History of Excellence - The Merced College Women’s Water Polo program is considered one of the top Community College programs in the state. Although only being in the Bay Valley Conferce since 1996, the Merced College teams have dominated the Nor-Cal teams for the past seven years. The Blue Devils won the conference championship in 1996, 1998, 2001, 2002 and were runner up in 1997. Both the 96 & 97 teams won the Northern California Championships. The past six years Merced College Women placed 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 3rd in the state championships. The Blue Devils have an impressive over all record of 180-47. The 2001and 2002 womens team finished 3rd in the state. Currently the 2003 team is ranked in the top 3 in California. The success of the womens program at Merced College can be measured by the many recruits that go on to play major college division I water polo.