Web Accessibility Statement

Merced College Community District is committed to making sure that people of all abilities have access to its services and content, including those delivered using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) .

Reporting an Issue

If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access campus services, please contact us.

Help for ... Help with ... Who to Contact

Getting Started
- Apply to College

Outreach (Office of Relations with Schools)
Greg Soto
(209) 384-6218

- Classes and Testing
- Registering to Vote
- Campus Services

Disabled Students Program and Services
Joe Serena
(209) 384-6157

Who to Contact
- Designated ADA Coordinator

Brooke Boeding, ActingDean of Student Services
(209) 384-6192

Students Information and Training:
- Accessible documents and online content
Educational Technology Training Center
Karissa Morehouse
(209) 384-6082
Employees Information and Training:
- Accessible documents and online content
Educational Technology Training Center
Karissa Morehouse
(209) 384-6082
Employees Requesting:
- Accommodations for students in your class
Disabled Students Program and Services
Joe Serena
(209) 384-6157
Employees Accommodations:
- Job duties
- Employee benefits
Human Resources
Kelly Avila
(209) 384-6102
Job Applicants Accommodations:
- Applying for a job
- Interview
Human Resources
Kelly Avila
(209) 384-6102
Community Accommodations:
- Participating in campus events and programs
Events and Planning
Stacey Hicks
(209) 384-6225 
Community Reporting:
- Physical barriers including buildings and walkways
Risk Management
Chuck Hergenraeder
(209) 381-6300 

Alternately, you may submit this form to report accessibility barriers and we will route your request to the appropriate department. 

View the Questions About Accessibilty, flowchart (pdf) for a visual tree of where to direct questions about accessibility.

Using this Website

Keyboard Commands

Web browsers provide support for a variety of keyboard commands to support navigation and interaction without requiring the use of a mouse. The following table includes common keyboard commands:

Desired Action Windows Mac OS X
Increase text size Control+Plus Sign Command+Plus Sign
Decrease text size Control+Minus Sign Command+Minus Sign
Restore text to default Control+0 Command+0
Move forward through form fields Tab Tab
Go back a page Alt+Left Arrow Command+Left Arrow
Go forward a page Alt+Right Arrow Command+Right Arrow
Close the window Control+W Command+W

Additional keyboard commands may be found for the following supported web browsers:

PDF Documents on this Website

Note that some of the documents linked on this website were not generated by the District, or are scanned copies of older District documents. We strive to ensure that each document generated by the District is a PDF that contains, at a minimum, machine readable text. If you are a person with a disability who cannot fully access the contents of a document on this website, please contact us through the form to report accessibility barriers.

Navigation Menu on this Website

Screen reader- and keyboard-reliant users will be unable to access any of the expandable drop-down menus. However, each top-level menu is a link to another page from which all of the content contained in the inaccessible drop-down menus can be reached.

Additional Resources


If you are a student seeking a reasonable accommodation under Section 504 of the ADA Act, see:

Disabled Students Program & Services (DSPS)
3600 M Street
Merced CA 95348
Phone: (209) 384-6155
TDD: (209) 384-6311