Program Status:

THIS PROGRAM WAS  DISCONTINUED effective Spring 2016. 

For additional information, please contact the Public Safety Programs Office in the Public Safety Complex BLD-3/ Area 4.

Program Description

The Corrections program is multifaceted to serve the educational needs of both the pre-service and correctional professional. The program also provides educational opportunities for individuals interested in learning about the correctional aspects of the criminal justice system. In addition to an Associate’s degree and a Certificate of Achievement, an Adult Correctional Officer Core Academy, which meets the requirements of the State of California Board of Corrections, and Standards and Training for Corrections, is offered to qualified individuals.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Corrections:

  • Corrections (AA) - Discontinued effective Summer 2016
  • Corrections (CT) - Discontinued effective Summer 2016

See Degree Requirements & Course Descriptions

Career Opportunities

The demand for qualified men and women in the corrections field is present today more than ever before. Today’s practitioners need to be able to deal with traditional functions and with the complex social issues of modern society. Professional opportunities in corrections and related fields for men and women may be found on the federal, state, local, and private levels. Each agency provides unique career opportunities for the trained recruit or advancing professional.

Note to Transfer Students

Many four year institutions do not offer a specialized major in this field. Seek the assistance of a guidance counselor if you plan to transfer.