RADT-50 has been cancelled for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

RADT-50 Career Exploration in Medical Imaging

Students have two (2) options to complete career exploration experience:

  1. Option 1: Successful completion of the 1 unit course RADT-50 (Career Exploration in Medical Imaging)
  2. Option 2: Career Exploration Verification Form can be completed by a supervisor if student has completed 54 hours of *direct experience. The form is contained within the RT Program Application Information Handbook.

Mandatory Orientation & Registration Information

  • Mandatory Orientation schedule and registration information:  
  • Only students who have registered for RADT-50 may attend orienation; NO Exceptions.
  • Clinical placement will be assigned during the mandatory orientation.
* What qualifies as direct experience?
  • Direct experience includes any activity that requires direct care, handling or transporting of radiology patients. Experience in ancillary imaging modalities such as Sonography, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, or Cardiac Cath also meets this criteria.
  • Experience in supportive functions such as clerical or housekeeping duties in a radiology department DO NOT meet this criteria.