December 2006 Photos

The Learning Resources Center construction project was completed in December. Library staff has been busy moving the contents of the Lesher Library into this new facility. Thanks to Parsons Brinckerhoff, the LRC project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. The old Lesher Library will be taken off-line and prepared for remodeling into a one-stop student services building.

  • Library Resources Center Building
    Book stacks on the second floor
  • Library Resources Center Building
    Installation of landscaping in front of the building
  • Library Resources Center Building
    Student study area

November 2006 Photos

Construction progress is on schedule with exterior concrete being poured, as well as finishing work on the interior. This includes carpet installation, finishing millwork, and installation of the bookshelves. The project should be complete and ready to turn over to the College by mid-December.

  • Learning Resources Center
    Second floor book stacks
  • Learning Resources Center
    Lobby area
  • Lounge

October 2006 Photos

These photos show work on the concrete walkways being poured in front of the Learning Resources Center, as well as view inside the main floor area. Some of the continuing activities this month include carpet installation on the first floor, installation of ceiling tiles, installation of bathroom fixtures, and the routing of the phone lines. Progress in on-schedule for this impressive facility.

  • Learning Resources Center
    Entryway Concrete Work
  • Learning Resources CenterMain open area of building
  • StairwayStairway

September 2006 Photos

As the interior areas of the Learning Resources Center continue to take shape, work on the exterior areas of the building will begin. These projects include installation of the sprinkler system and other landscaping work including the pouring of cement for sidewalks. Glass is also being installed this month.

  • LRCInstallation of sprinkler system
  • LRCGlass will be installed in the LRC building
  • LRCInstallation of sprinkler system

August 2006 Photos

Progress remains on schedule for what will be the largest educational building on campus, the Learning Resources Center . This 67,000 square-foot facility will boast a state-of-the-art data network system, high capacity internet connections, and will serve as the space to house the library's 50,000 book collection.

These photos show the present state of the interior of the facility and one shot of the continuing exterior stucco work.

  • LRCExterior stucco work
  • LRCLRC interior
  • LRCLRC interior

June 2006 Photos

The Learning Resources Center continues to make great progress toward completion. This month's scheduled activities include completion of texturing of the exterior walls, as well as completion of the roof. Work will continue on the ductwork and electrical systems.

  • Content 1
  • Content 2
  • Content 3

May 2006 Photos

The new Learning Resources Center project is continuing to take shape. This month construction crews completed the exterior sheathing, began putting on the first exterior stucco coat, and continued to work on various ductwork and electrical projects.

  • LRCExterior of LRC project
  • LRCExterior of LRC project
  • LRCExterior of LRC project

April 2006 Photos

  • LRCNorth view of the Learning Resources Center showing the exterior "skin" of the building
  • LRCClose-up of the facility looking west
  • LRCWater on the first floor from an unusual rainy month of March. Progress continues on the exterior walls, seen here from the interior.

March 2006 Photos

  • LRCFirst Floor Looking North - This is the first floor of the Learning Resources Center looking north through the building. 
  • LRCFirst Floor Study Rooms - The study rooms on the First Floor are taking shape. 
  • LRCLRC South Elevation -This is the Learning Resources Center as seen from south.  This parking lot is at the back of the Vocational Building.

February 2006 Photos

  • LRCA student walks by the sourthern side of LRC, which will be the facility’s main entrance.
  • LRCThe interior of the LRC from another angle, showing the ductwork for the heating and air conditioning system.
  • LRCThe heating and air conditioning system for the Learning Resources Center is ready to be installed.