Brand & Logo Standards

Why a Brand is Important

We are pleased to introduce to you the new Merced College logo and graphic identity system. This new identity is the result of a comprehensive exploration of ways to increase the consistency of the Merced  College brand. We have created a unified, positive and distinct brand for Merced College that effectively  communicates the College’s identity, reputation and values as one of the leading educational institutions of  higher learning in the region.

Through the proper and consistent placement of the Merced College logo and its affiliated designs, we have the opportunity to communicate to the world messages about what our College stands for. Our visual identity reflects more than artistic designs and thoughtful typestyles; it speaks volumes about our values and image.

Merced College LogoThe Merced College logo is an important point of identity for the College. Appearing on everything from stationery, business cards and literature, to clothing, name badges and signs, our logo makes a highly visible  impression on the campus, faculty, staff, students and community each day. The new Merced College logo is  designed to identify our College and services at a glance. The purpose of these guidelines is to assist in proper and consistent use.

Thank you for being part of efforts to develop and communicate our brand.

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