Merced College Classified Senate is a member of California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS) and is represented in the Central 1 region which includes Columbia College, Modesto Junior College and San Joaquin Delta College.

Vision Statement

The California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS) provides classified staff avenues for success and development by being the participatory governance organizations that create an environment of shared mutual respect among the students, faculty, and staff of the college community.

- California Community Colleges Classified Senate

What is the difference between Classified Senate and CSEA?

Classified Senate


Shared Governance (AB 1725)

Collective Bargaining

  • Promote the awareness of participatory governance.
  • Right to representation and protection in critical issues affecting their safety, security, salaries and benefits.
  • Promote the development of Classified Senate.
  • Primarily working conditions and salary.

CS look at the interest of the institution, not of individual constituent groups

Unions represent classified interests

CS shall vote on all volunteer members to committees

The president shall appoint members to committees

Represent classified staff on hiring committees

Represent the bargaining unit on hiring committees

Collect, evaluate and disseminate information for the classified staff

Represent CSEA members in good standing on bargaining issues only

Serve as the representative of the classified staff to make recommendation to the College President and Board of Trustees with respect to district-wide classified professional matters.

  • To represent those interests in non- bargaining

Expresses the viewpoint of the classified bargaining unit to the college administration and governing Board in matters regarding Collective Bargaining.

Promote professional and personal development through participation for all classified staff (Classified Staff Development)

To promote the efficiency and raise the standards of service of its members and other public service workers

Facilitate communication among the classified staff, College President, and the College Board of Trustees

To instill confidence, good will and understanding among the members and their employers

Represent and include all classified staff regardless of classification that are not administrators or certificated. Classified includes all classified employees (40 hour employees, 19 hour employees, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors).

To promote the economic and social welfare of the members of the Union through unity of action and mutual cooperation.

Participate in the formation of college district policy and practices

Establish a spirit of cooperation, good faith and fair dealings with the employer; to safeguard, advance and promote the principle of free collective bargaining in a democratic society

Assist the State's Governmental and Higher Educational Officials

To promote such legislation as may be in the best interests of the members of this organization

Classified Senate: 1/29/14
Reviewed and Approved by CSEA 3/3/14